Super International (2012)

Super Deal!!

These sets are identical in every way to brand new Super International sets except that the box has been dented, gouged or torn in shipping. Everything inside is fine and is warranted just like a new set. But every once in a while we blow them out. So our loss is your gain!


Our Most Popular Set Gets Even Better!

It wasn’t enough to give the Super International four cool new bodies with new liveries – and mount them on our newest, fastest, best handling Mega-G chassis. Nooooo! Now we’ve added the fantastic new Tri-Power Pack to let new racers get the hang of racing the right way – one step at a time. And once again, only AFX has it!

Including a Tri-Power Pack along with our standard power pack adds a whole new dimension to the fun! The TPP’s Three power levels allow new drivers to learn to race without getting frustrated. And setting the level is as simple as flipping the switch on the side of the Pack. But with 4 lanes, because you can run two lanes at lower power, the parents and older kids can run on expert lanes while the younger kids run on their own lanes, with the power tuned down to make it easier to race.

No one can match the Mega-G for speed or fun. As for realism - just compare our Formula bodies to any other HO car, you'll see what we mean.

All of this just adds to the already fantastic value. With 86 pieces of track you can make at least 18 different layouts in 4 lane configuration! Of course you can design your own layouts too. You’ve got everything you need to build almost any kind of track in 2 or 4 lanes – all in one box.

Five different types of curved track and 4 different straights, two power packs and four controllers, 6 bridge sections, the list goes on and on. If you wanted to buy all the track, cars and accessories in this set separately, you could pay more than twice as much. That’s what we mean when we are talking about value.

And don’t forget, this is AFX, the highest quality best performing HO slot racing system you can buy anywhere. After all this is the brand that created the hobby and spent almost 60 years improving it. Would you expect less? Quality, performance, innovation and value, that’s why AFX is the leader in HO.


  • More different types of curve – You can build almost anything you can imagine
  • Build at least 18 different tracks – Layout instructions and enough track to make some of the most challenging race tracks in the world
  • Brand new, blazing fast Mega-G chassis – The lightest, lowest, fastest HO chassis made
  • 1 Tri-Power Pack with 1 Standard Power Pack – Let’s everyone learn at their own pace – perfect for families with different skill levels!
  • Directional Power Packs – Both power packs let you change track direction with a flip of the plug
  • Easy plug, ProClass Controllers – Plug in or swap controllers in a snap
  • Tune-up Kit Included – Keep your cars running strong
  • Mega-G Chassis

    Made small to fit more realistic bodies; made light, low and powerful to handle the curves and smoke the competition: the new Mega-G chassis is a winner!

  • Up to 30% lighter than any other HO chassis - Way more fun to drive.
  • Lowest and narrowest chassis ever made - Much more realistic bodies.
  • Lowest center of gravity - Corners better than any other chassis
  • Longest wheelbase available - Better proportioned bodies
  • Fastest production chassis made - Smokes the competition
  • Exclusive extra long tapered guide pin - Car stays in the slot longer
  • Unique Monocoque Chassis - Lighter, stronger, out-handles the competition
  • Level 30 Neodymium ground effects magnets - Stays glued to the track
  • High conductivity phosphor bronze pickup shoes - Gets more power to the motor
  • Nylatron Chassis - Super strong and durable
  • Precision balanced armature - Revs to the moon, reliably
  • Polymer Motor Magnets – Up to 20% more powerful than larger ceramic magnets

  • Running Feet (2-lane): 50
  • Running Feet (4-lane): 25
  • Floor Space Required for Primary Track: 4’ x 11’
  • Number of Cars: 4
  • Number of Controllers: 4
  • Number of Power Packs: 2 (1-standard 22v and 1- Tri-Power Pack)
  • Number of pieces of track: 86 (including terminal track)
  • Number of Bridge Trestles: 6
  • Number of Terminal Tracks: 2
  • Type of Chassis: Mega-G
  • Guard Rails: 20
  • Buildings: Pit (1); Grandstand (1) cardboard
  • Other: Sheet of Colored Lane Stickers (1); Tune Up kits (2)
  • Box Size: 19.5” x 16.5” x 6.25”
  • Weight: 13 lbs
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    Product Reviews:

    hola soy de mexico y mi meta es adquirir este pructo ya que hace algunos años yo tenia esta pista y nunca la utilize y nesecito ayuda para saber en cuanto me sale el envio a mexico df              

    ramses - 05-15-2012

    WOW!! Just Wow!! The wide variety of track, the tri level power supplies, and the fastest mass produced slot cars on the market make this an awesome set. Bundled into this set the valoe is even greater! And AFX has awesome customer service. I had need for a replaement chassis, and two track sections out of the box. Here within days! The sets are great, but if you do have an issue AFX will not abandon you! Awesome overall experience.              

    David Forrester - 04-07-2011

    i picked up after a 13 year absense, amd WOW the cars are faster than anything that I can remember from my younger years, and the DETAILS are really AWESOME              

    James O. Williams - 10-13-2010

    I picked this up after being away from slot cars for 30 years. The value for money of this set is incredible. The 4 Mega-G cars alone would cost almost as much as the entire set! There's enough track for a decent 4-lane circuit, and MORE than enough for a great 2-lane circuit. The Mega-G cars are SCARY fast, and hold the track well. It's a lot like watching real F-1 cars... you can't believe that a car can make it through a turn that fast. I went out and bought 4 t-jets, and while slower, it was fun to slide them through corners. Now I have the best of both worlds. Now if AFX would only release a 4 lane lap counter/timer, my slot car life would be complete!              

    Patrick - 10-06-2010

    I'm upgrading my review. I took the time to cost out what one would pay if everything was bought in this set separately, and it is almost four times as much; the track alone costs out almost $533 alone!This is a tremendous value at list price, with high quality throughout. I can live with painting the orange guardrails. Why I ever bought in pieces before is beyond me......              

    Mark C. Hopkins - 07-06-2010

    This is an excellent set, now upgraded with the Mege-G chassis cars in new color schemes.An excellent value for the money, what with all that comes with it. The variety of different radius curves allow me to extend my existing layout in a number of configurations. Downers are the orange guardrails (have to paint them), the older powerpacks (should have the new ones with three volt settings and a full amp), and one of the cars had a badly warped chassis (which Racemasters will replace upon notification).Correct those going forward, you rate five stars.              

    mark C. Hopkins - 07-06-2010

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