Giant Raceway

The "Mother of all Slot Car Tracks"!

With more track pieces, more track length, more levels, more banks, criss-cross tracks, squeeze tracks, sheesh! There just isn't another track like it.

The Giant squeezes an amazing amount of action into only 4' x 8' of floor space. And as if that wasn't enough you get two super fast Super G+ Formula cars. They rock!

And now, the Giant becomes the first AFX set to get the Tri-Power Pack. The only power supply available in any slot car set that lets you learn to race at your own pace. Great for young kids!

Leave it to AFX to bring you the biggest, baddest set on the planet


Don't take our word for it. Take a couple of minutes to read this review by the editors at Slot Car Illustrated to see what the experts think of "The Giant".

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  • Largest slot car track available – More track than you can get anywhere in one set
  • Tri-Power Pack – Even young children can learn without frustration
  • The best track you can buy – AFX track is easy to use, high quality and reliable
  • Colorful, highly detailed Formula bodies – Unmatched realism
  • Blinding fast Super G+ Chassis – The most advanced chassis you can buy; you can even adjust the motor’s torque
  • Most powerful HO Set you can buy – Compare the AFX 22 volt (at Expert level) power pack to the 17 volt versions in other people’s sets
  • Directional Power Pack – Let’s you change track direction with a flip of the plug
  • Easy plug, ProClass Controllers – Plug in or swap controllers in a snap
  • Tune-up Kit Included – Keep your cars running strong
  • Lap Counter – Race with your friends

    Super G+ is probably the most famous chassis in HO slot racing. Its predecessor, the G+ revolutionized the hobby with stunning performance that flattened the competition. Using patented design innovations it was the first HO chassis to include dedicated “ground effects” magnets. It took years for the competition to get close and by then AFX had “left the building” with the next generation Super G+. Here are some of the reasons why Super G+ still sets the pace:

  • Unique Monocoque Chassis: Motor is part of the chassis – Lighter, stronger design means better handling and higher speeds
  • Motor: Cantilever brush design with precision armature (Only AFX has it) – Higher RPM and more responsive
  • Motor: Adjustable motor timing (Only AFX has it) – Let’s you change torque to better tune the power to different tracks
  • Pick-Up Shoes: High conductivity Phosphor Bronze – Gets more power to the motor
  • Guide Pin: Exclusive extra long tapered design – Keeps the car in the slot longer
  • Ground Effects Magnets: Extra long polymer magnets – More rail coverage in the corners for better handling

  • Running Feet (2-lane): 62.5
  • Floor Space Required for Primary Track: 4’ x 8’
  • Number of Cars: 2
  • Number of Controllers: 2
  • Number of Power Packs: 1
  • Number of pieces of track: 68 (including lap counters and terminal track)
  • Number of Lap Counters: 1
  • Number of Terminal Tracks: 1
  • Type of Chassis: Super G+
  • Guard Rails: 32
  • Buildings: Pit (1); Grandstand (1) cardboard
  • Box Size: 29.375” x 17.5” x 5.375”
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Zoom-trans

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    Product Reviews:

    An OUTSTANDING SET! AFX's BEST! Hours and hours of entire family fun! Easy to get addicted but a great way to introduce yourself to HO Slot cars! Oooh-Raah!              

    Abel - 04-10-2010

    Great product, Tri-Power Pack is a great way to have younger races get into the hobby. Super G cars are awesome!              

    Raymond Damico - 12-18-2009

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