Digital Lap Counter
Another AFX Exclusive!

Finally! A digital Lap Counter for HO slot racing!

Finally, a top quality digital lap counter that snaps on to any current AFX track and counts every lap, every time! But there’s more. You get a 5 second countdown to the start of the race and it even penalizes drivers if they jump the start.

Racers pick how long they want the race to be, up to 99 laps, then push the start button and wait for the countdown. But don’t jump too soon or you’ll be penalized 1 lap!

Got 4 lanes to race on? No problem! With a second Lap Counter you can handle all 4 lanes. Just connect the two counters with the supplied cable and start racing. You can even select one unit to be the master and one the slave. And the displays can flip as you need to make it easy to see who’s in the lead and who needs to get going faster!

Now play the AFX racing game whenever you like. And only AFX has it!


  • Racers can select number of laps in the race (1 to 99 laps)
  • Counts down to start (5 seconds)
  • Penalizes driver 1 lap for jump start
  • Works on 2 lanes or, with second unit, on 4 lanes
  • Trophy is displayed for winner at end of race. Other lanes display position (P2; P3; P4) as they cross the line.

  • High precision Hall Sensor trigger mechanism – Never misses a lap, unlike many other systems
  • Modular design – Let’s you link to second unit (purchase separately) to count up to 4 lanes
  • Display flip function – Allows display to be flipped 180 degrees to read easily in two directions
  • Snap on design – Attaches to any current AFX straight track section (current means made after 1980)
  • Self contained, battery powered – No plugs to deal with, just snap on and start racing!
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    Product Reviews:

    Please add sound              

    Please add sound - 12-23-2016

    The lap counter is without sound. Without sound line of sight is required to see the GO ( digital display window ) count down. Product improvement adding sound is a must function. If you use and tested this product the sound function is obvious.Reading the instructions, sound is not mentioned during the programming steps.ADD sound!!! Thank You              

    digital lap counter - 09-18-2016

    Have one of these that's worked fine for a couple of years. Now after replacing batteries laps can't be set - display shows garbled numbers and letters. Like brain is scrambled. Tried reset button and other new batteries - no help.              

    John - 08-06-2016

    I agree with HODude. The lap counter should also have lap times. It would take such little more to add a timing device.              

    ChuckLobo - 10-12-2015

    I love AFX (LONG-Time-Fan!). But why go through all the trouble of creating a snap-on Digital Lap Counter and NOT include a Lap Time function. Would have made it WAY better! Even my ol' TYCO Computer Racing 500 from back-in-the day has that function. Now you know how to improve it for "next-time"!              

    HOdude - 08-23-2015

    I just got 2 of these & they cannot be easier to operate. They are very accurate. They work with just about any car that I know of that are made today. The only problem I have is there is no audible beeps for starting or finishing the races. Other than that I have no complaints              

    Matt F. - 12-13-2013

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